Saturday, January 29, 2005

How Important am I?

A way of measuring importance is by how much money you many famous people you many times your picture is on the cover of the Rolling Stone...

For most of us it's measured by how many spam emails get delivered to your mailbox; the more the merrier! Judgiing from my daily intake of about 20 I am not even mildly disappointing! What a crushing blow. If only I was getting more spam. And it would be even better if the spam offered to sell me a software program to stop spam! That would rock! (for some small sized rock, maybe just a pebble).

Yours in non-famousity,

Saturday, January 22, 2005


My 1st blog, and it's a great day for the beach

It's my first blog entry, it's 7AM, and it's snowing like let's go to the beach! It's 22 degrees out, practically a heat wave...Packer fans easily go shirtless in weather like this. If only I were a diehard Packer fan...

Ok, so maybe that isn't such a great idea. So what shall I talk about? hmmm, nothing, really. I'm about to trudge off through the snow, down to the gym (some things are sacred), and from there go off to work even though it's Saturday. I'm doing a class next week on Unit testing in .NET and I have some preparation to do for it. Topics are:

1. What the heck is unit testing?
2. What is Test Driven Development?
3. How can devs who have never used this become productive with it asap.
4. Tools to use (nunit, nmock, etc).

So, Hello Blogger World, here I am.

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